Comedy Gate: A Look Inside Bozeman’s Comedy Scene

By Taylor Barrett

On Saturday, September 14th, the Rialto featured its monthly comedy showcase in the Lightbox Theater. The night was filled with home grown, local humor–something we can all relate to. The atmosphere was fresh and invigorating, with jokes that will relate to any Bozemanite.

Comedy Gate is a once-monthly stand-up showcase featuring talent from around Montana, and the greater North West region. Established in March 2015, Comedy Gate became the steady sailing ship of the Bozeman stand-up scene, weathering many great exoduses and double bookings. Originally founded by Garrison Choitz, Roerick Sweeney, Alexander Kavon and Thomas Blake, and greatly furthered by Jenna Eliel and Zachary Martinez, Comedy Gate now exists as an opportunity for the shady underbelly of Bozeman performance to sneak a tan in the spotlight of stand-up comedy. Come out for a good time with locally sourced jokes, grass-fed humor and don’t forget to bring your laughing shoes!

Watch our highlight and the full comedy show below, and be sure to catch the Comedy Gate on October 12th at the Rialto!

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