The Hyalite Sessions: The Jonathan Kennedy Connection

By Taylor Barrett

Jonathan Kennedy has been playing music for pretty much his whole life, working as a solo artist and playing in several groups, including Magic Castles and The Richard Lloyd Trio. Today, Kennedy goes by The Jonathan Kennedy Connection, and it’s a concept that began way back in middle school. It’s the idea of an interaction between two things––whether that be spiritual, social, or even drug interactions. Kennedy is trying to make music that exemplifies the bond between two distinct entities.

Kennedy began recording under the name The Jonathan Kennedy Connection after leaving his latest gig playing for Magic Castles. He took his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and recorded himself with a 4 track cassette recorder. After a while, this was no longer sufficient for his vision of where he wanted The Connection to go. After acquiring a new synth and the equipment he needed to run a few programs, he was on his way to producing what he now describes as “electronic folk”. We sat down with Kennedy to see just what he’s been up to. 

The Jonathan Kennedy Connection will release their debut EP in early spring of 2020. Be on the lookout and enjoy the new Hyalite Session!

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