Music Year in Review 2019

We love music at the Hyalite, and we listen to a lot of it, joining us as we make it through every day of the year. For all of us, music is a huge part of our lives. While 2019 has been, well, insane, we can’t say there was ever a shortage of great new music coming out of Montana, the United States, and all around the world to help us wake up in the morning, prepare for a party, or just get us through a Tuesday afternoon at the office. Because of this, we decided to share some of our personal favorite albums of 2019, as well as a curated list of our favorite new releases from some really talented Montanans.

It’s been a great year here at the Hyalite, and we look forward to bringing you more profiles, articles, and reviews in 2020. Thanks for all your support and we hope that our playlists might help you find some Holiday Slappers™ to coast you into the next decade. 

Happy New Year,

Taylor, Max, and Antonio


Montana Local Releases 2019


Taylor’s Top Albums of 2019


Max’s Top Albums of 2019


Antonio’s Top Albums of 2019


Thanks for listening!

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