The Hyalite Sessions: Mune

By Taylor Barrett & Max Wellman

Mune is a guitar-based solo project by Harley Larson, with an effort to incorporate acoustic and electric guitar arrangements through as many styles as possible. “All of the music I have been working on has been a recent push in my life to explore every avenue I can possibly take for making music and improvisation,” said Larson. “I prepared all new songs for the Hyalite session in the spirit of creating new and original sounds.”

And Larson did just that. This Hyalite session is one that we are having trouble putting our finger on … there’s notes of folk, rock, indie, jam music, and much more that come through with just one guitarist, which is pretty spectacular. Mune brought us original songs that no one has ever heard before, just so we can share them with you. We hope you enjoy!

Set List: Life’s Long Lasting Love / Carpet Ride / The Knock / Minute Man / Minds Eye

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