Supporting Local Artists in Times of Need

As a response to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have decided to curate a list of links to artists and musicians featured in The Hyalite, allowing our readers to contribute during these hard times. Below you will find the information where you can purchase, stream, or view their work. As a display of continual support, we ask everyone to consider donating or purchasing local art and music to support those who are currently unable to work and perform. We are all in this together.

We appreciate your dedication and concern for our community,

The Hyalite Crew

(If you or anyone you know are an artist/musician and are struggling due to the current pandemic, please reach out––we would be happy to add you to this list.)


Artists & Creators

Indian Paintbrush Designs – Handcrafted Jewelry

Sally Hats – Custom Embroidered Hats  

Mitch Sander Art – Multitalented Artist

Pirate Guitars – Guitar and Ukulele Builder


Bands & Musicians

Joe Knapp – Singer/Songwriter/Band Member Extraordinaire

Desperate Electric – Electro Soul

Amanda Stewart – Singer/Songwriter/Sweet Sage Band

The Connection – Electronic Folk

Albums available at Cactus Records

Zak James (& Badmouth) – Rapper / Designer

Sundance & the Wilds – Indie Jam Rock

Kitchen Dwellers – Psychedelic Bluegrass

The Lil Smokies – Progressive Bluegrass

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