The Hyalite Sessions: Antonio .R.M.W.

By Taylor Barrett & Max Wellman

A lot of you will recognize Antonio as the Hyalite’s music editor––you can find his name on our album reviews and often credited as writing the music we use in our videos. Antonio is a talented musician, so we thought we would showcase some of his original music in our latest Hyalite Session.

Antonio performed his composition, “Tumultuous Bliss,” a song that has seen multiple live iterations over the course of six years. The first time we saw it performed was for his senior capstone project when he was pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology at Montana State University. Since then, he’s performed the composition at multiple shows throughout Montana, but it’s not old hat. “Tumultuous Bliss” morphs and changes every time it’s performed, and that’s the point. Antonio is striving to make electronic music that retains the imperfection inherent within improvisation and the human condition, and this session is a prime example of him putting the theory into practice. 

Find Antonio’s music on Bandcamp 

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