Top 5 Hikes Around Bozeman

By Taylor Barrett

This year has been strange, but you can always count on the great outdoors! Here are a few of my personal favorite hiking spots around Bozeman, along with my favorite photos of each place. All within 50 miles!

Mirror Lake (Madison Range)


    • Located in the Spanish Peaks
    • Park at camp ground / day area
    • Hike passed multiple waterfall opportunities
    • Trail will fork several times, stay left always following Mirror Lake signs
    • Multiple mountain lakes accessible
    • Absolutely stunning views at mountain lake basin
    • 16 miles round trip
    • Elevation Gain: 2,750ft
    • Difficult | 8/10
    • 30 miles from Bozeman

Frazier Lake (Bridger Range)


    • Located in the Northern Bridgers near Fairy Lake
    • Park in meadow before Fairy Lake Campground
    • Hike through meadow to the north toward middle of saddle
    • Hiking parallel to the ridge
    • Crest over saddle into Frazier Lake bowl
    • Beautiful views of mountain lake and snow
    • 2.8 miles round trip
    • Elevation Gain: 1,437ft
    • Moderate | 6/10
    • 30 miles from Bozeman

Pine Creek Lake (Absaroka Range)


    • Located just north of Livingston
    • Park at Pine Creek Lake Trailhead
    • Hike trail passed Pine Creek Falls
    • Amazing mountain lake basin at high elevation
    • Multiple waterfalls along the way and feeding the lake
    • 9 miles round trip
    • Elevation Gain: 3,635ft
    • Difficult | 9/10
    • 45 miles from Bozeman

Sacajawea Peak (Bridger Range)


    • Located in Northern Bridgers
    • Park at Fairy Lake Campground
    • Hike toward saddle between Sacajawea and Hardscrabble Peak
    • Switchback until reaching top of ridge
    • Hike south and summit Sacajawea Peak
    • Incredible 360 views of Bozeman and surrounding areas
    • 4.5 miles round trip
    • Elevation Gain: 1,975ft
    • Moderate | 5/10
    • 30 miles from Bozeman

Heather & Emerald Lake (Gallatin Range)


    • Located in Hyalite Canyon
    • Park at trailhead passed Palisade Falls
    • Hike along trail with gradual incline, passing Heather Lake
    • Amazing mountain lake with wall of mountains in every direction
    • 8.9 miles round trip
    • Elevation Gain: 1,850ft
    • Moderate | 6/10
    • 25 miles from Bozeman

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