The Hyalite Sessions: Jacob Rountree

By Taylor Barrett & Max Wellman

Jacob Rountree came to Bozeman for much the same reason a lot of us make it to the college town: to go to school. Jacob came to Bozeman to study engineering but he found Montana to be the perfect place to hone his skills as a photographer and find inspiration to write music. Jacob has a unique ability to tell stories through his songwriting, crafting vocals filled with emotion and interweaving them with interesting guitar melodies. Often strumming the strings and tapping the body of his guitar with his hand to create percussion, Jacob draws influence from indie acoustic artists such as Ben Howard, who inspire him to use his instrument of choice for more than just playing the guitar.

Jacob has a unique sound and an interesting perspective of what it means to live in Montana, and he brings all of this to his music. When playing live, he is accompanied by Marcus Bendon on drums, and Leah Dobby on bass and vocals. We’re proud to present Jacob Rountree in our latest installment of the Hyalite Sessions, and if you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out our first episode of The Hyalite Sessions: Behind the Scenes.

Set List: Set a Fire / Vertigo / Nothing Arrives

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud

Follow Jacob Rountree on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

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