A Day in the Studio: Iverson Jewelry Design

Iverson Wire Design-2

By Taylor Barrett, Max Wellman, Colter Olmstead

Danny Iverson, originally from Shelby, Montana, moved to Missoula in 2010–partly for the scenery but mainly for the artistic attitude and culture of the town. With a slew of other artists and creators to draw inspiration from close at hand, Iverson quickly found a place to work, and a reason to call Missoula home.

Iverson Wire Design-9

Iverson first started wire wrapping out of necessity: he needed something to trade as he attended the Montana Rainbow Gathering. But as his skills as an artist increased, so did his following. Now one of the eminent wire wrappers in Montana, Iverson finds himself making jewelry as a full time gig.

Iverson Wire Design-7

Now that he is creating jewelry for a living, this push has also helped Iverson expand his art form into several new avenues. Along with his original style of wire-wrapping, he has now expanded into metalsmithing, and even cutting his own gems from larger raw specimens of his favorite minerals, eventually creating a “hybrid”, where he uses both traditional metalsmithing and wire-wrapping.

We had the chance to sit down with Iverson in his studio and get a closer look at his process. Join us for a day in the studio with Iverson Jewelry Design.

We will also be announcing a giveaway featuring one of Danny’s pieces. Stay tuned for more information!

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