Straight to the Source: Foxglove Flower Farm

By Taylor Barrett

Driving north on Love Lane, you will pass Three Hearts Farms, the home of Foxglove Flower Farm. Most days of the week, you can find Dylan Fishman, the founder, growing over 40 species of flowers, with over 100 varieties. Dylan operates Foxglove with his business partner, Kaitlyn Albers, and they both have a big heart for farming.

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Both Dylan and Kaitlyn are graduates of Montana State University, earning their degrees in the Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems program. Dylan grew a passion for flowers while working on several farms in Montana, and back home in Illinois, including Prairie Farm Corps, Rocky Creek Farm, Towne’s Harvest Garden, and Three Hearts Farm, the farm that he now leases land from. Kaitlyn found her passion for growing flowers while working at Chance Farm, and has worked on several small farms in Montana and her home state of Minnesota.

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Their mission is simple: to operate a flower farm with natural production methods and spread joy within the community. Foxglove Flower Farm strives to produce a product free of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and GMO crops. Through a process of farming that more closely resembles the natural ecosystem, they seek to promote biodiversity, efficiency, and plants’ overall health.

Another key component of the process is transparency, and Dylan welcomes any questions about how and why he farms the way he does. From spending time with Dylan at his farm and at the farmers market, I could tell how much passion he has for our community, mentioning, “I just love everything about harvesting flowers, boqueting flowers, and the joy they bring people.” He also mentioned the need for a strong sense of community, especially right now, and how Bozeman is lucky to be so supportive and driven.

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Together, the flowers are produced and distributed within Bozeman, and the joy brought to everyone is invaluable. In a time such as now, when routine seems hard to find in a world of what might just seem like chaos, you can sure as hell find routine in coming home to flowers on the kitchen table and a smile on your face.

Foxglove Flower Farm-8

Among the variety of flowers grown at the farm, Dylan and Kaitlyn’s favorites include Foxgloves (duh), sunflowers, snapdragons, sweet peas, scabiosas, and dahlias (which are just starting to bloom).

Foxglove Flower Farm offers weekly or biweekly CSA subscriptions, custom orders, and wedding arrangements. Visit them in person at the Lindley Farmer’s Market every Tuesday at 5pm, or schedule a U-Pick, and go to the farm and pick a bucket of flowers for yourself — perfect for spending the afternoon with someone you love.

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