The Hyalite Sessions: Zach McKinley

By Taylor Barrett, Antonio Wellman, Max Wellman

Zach Mckinley is a familiar face around Bozeman–you might find him playing solo at Zocalo Coffee House, with his band, Gear Horse, at the Haufbrau, and even taking the stage with King Ropes at The Rialto. Whatever setting you see him in, and whatever genre he’s playing, one thing is obvious, McKinley’s talented. And lucky for us, he’s sharing that talent for the second time this year.. Zach McKinley recently released his latest solo album, Pocatello, following up his release earlier this year, She Don’t Got Time For Losers. For Pocatello, McKinley brought a full band, including acoustic and electric guitar, 12-string guitar, bass, banjo, percussion, and drums. It’s a full house.

Pocatello oscillates between intensely personal, and entirely fictitious songs posed over a multitude of genres. The album puts you in the head of a “Sad Bastard” spinning tales that involve adultery, murder, and the Wild West days of Virginia City. Listen to the album on Bandcamp and check out a few live renditions in our latest Hyalite Session.

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