The Hyalite Sessions: Cole Thorne

By Taylor Barrett

Learning to play piano in just the third grade, music has been a part of Cole Thorne’s life for about as long as she can remember. Growing up in a family of musicians, it was a tradition, a birthright. With her father playing guitar and her grandparents being touring musicians, Thorne was inspired to follow the same path. After moving to Bozeman and finding some musicians she meshed with, she formed Cole & The Thornes. Together they form a 6-piece band, including Cole Thorne on ukulele and guitar, Jess Atkins on lead guitar, Jordan Rodenbiker on bass, Alex Platt on drums, Adam Burke on auxiliary percussion, and Daniel Wood on trumpet. They released their debut album, Map Maker, in 2018.

Considering themselves a “mountain-reggae infused soul band”, you will hear many influences, from reggae and soul, to jazz and jam music. Together with the Thorne’s incredible vocals and frequent horn solos, you will find something both relaxing and danceable!

Cole Thorne brings us a solo acoustic set with a couple of new songs!

Set List: Nostalgia / Tides / Be Here Now

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